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EBOB 2012!


EBOB kicks off the new year with a fantastic lineup of readers, including:

*Carolyn Cooke, author of Daughters of the Revolution (Knopf June 2011) and Bostons (Houghton Mifflin 2001)

*Laura E. Davis, Editor, Weave Magazine, and author of forthcoming chapbook with Finishing Line Press

*Paul Corman-Roberts, Fiction Editor, Full of Crow, author of 19th St. Station (FOC Chapbook Series 2011)

*Ann Ryles, fiction writer and playwright

*Kerry Donoghue, fiction writer

EBOB is also pleased to welcome Edward Mullany, author of If I Falter at the Gallows (Publishing Genius Press 2011). From Brooklyn. The one in New York. It’s not close to here. Lord knows when this wonderful writer will be back. You should plan on being there.

This one is not one to miss. EBOB should never be missed. But, if you are going to miss an EBOB, this is not the one.

Lauren Becker, writer and editor of Corium Magazine, hosts. As always, the magic will take place at The Layover Lounge in downtown Oakland.

Suggested donation: $3-5. This is a suggestion. Meaning it is not required. If you have only a few crumpled dollar bills or a fistful of nickels and dimes, buy yourself a drink to help thank The Layover for their abiding support. Start searching your jeans pockets and couch cushions: We’ll see you on the 14th!!


EBOB 3 was pretty great, I have to say.

EBOB 3 took place on August 28, and the readers were stellar. Really. All of our readers thus far have been great examples of the talent over this way, and, as we get our bearings, we are thrilled to continually discover fantastic East Bay writers to feature. It is heartening to see the demand and response, and it looks as though EBOB is here to stay.

The following is my own, admittedly biased yet reliable (!), word, that these readers did the East Bay proud. I will try to reconstruct, though I get a little crazy with hosting duties and don’t always get a chance to listen. Click on name links for video that will remove any doubts you could possibly have …

First up was Amy Glasenapp, whose story “Automatic” pulled me (and the rest of the spectacular audience) in, made me laugh and stop being spazzy, and found me wishing I had a robot boy and dog of my own. A magnificent way to start the evening, which maintained the high bar she set.

I can’t lie to the kid. I can’t innovate morals.

I keep telling him nobody wants their cars worked on by a dog. Life is not a cartoon.

Next up was (brand new dad!) Joe Clifford , who blew us away with an excerpt from his memoir, Junkie Love. He also read a piece of fiction — kind of gross, with a theme of bugs burrowing under skin, but fantastic, with a name to which many of us can relate, based on submission rejections — “Unpublished Manuscript Number 36.”

You don’t even have a drinking problem. Aren’t all writers supposed to have drinking problems?

You cannot fail if you do not try.

Wrapping up the first set, Jezebel Delilah X evangelized about the often greedy and thoughtless manner with which we treat one another and the earth, and converted the rapt audience.

My body is lead-free and not a pending receipt for your mercury.

Mother, lover, daughter, sister earth, I miss you. I love you. And I want you to reclaim me.

After a brief intermission, during which lovely Layover co-owner RaeAnne, and adorable bartender, James, attended to the needs of the thirsty crowd, EBOB’s excellent readers finished out EBOB 3, to heard and overheard praise and anticipation for EBOB 4.

Reclaiming the audience with her compelling style and content, Mindela Ruby read from her novel, “Sparkles, Chameleons, Transparence.” I feel safe in my assessment that all of us would have listened had she read her entire novel.

By (his) definition, if I have money, it’s worth less than other people’s.

I’m not expecting a miracle. Just hoping to dial back the misery.

Incomparable poet Maw Shein Win then shared a few pages from the cringe- and laugh-worthy journal she kept as an angsty, attention-challenged 18 year-old, recapped episodes of soap operas, and transformed Alan Ginsburg’s classic rant to a cute and fuzzy, yet biting, commentary on felines with “Yowl.”

I’m complicating the script and should listen to the producer.

I saw the best cats of my generation, deranged by hunger, stalking, maniacal, furry.

Finally, Timothy Crandle  enraptured EBOB’s attentive attendees with a lovely excerpt from his short story, “University Hospital,” which highlighted his masterful command of evocative description and consummate reading style. Tim concluded EBOB 3 with “Stiffed,” a hilarious and educational piece on the sexual habits of dinosaurs.

When my clock radio played a favorite song, sometimes I danced, bare feet slapping on the rough cement floor.

There’s a reason that male genitalia are tucked away safely between our legs rather than sticking off of our foreheads.

I couldn’t help it. I get geeky excited about EBOB, and decided it might be fun to add a short Bay Area-related piece as a lead-in to the second set. The audience humored me while I read a brief piece on doomed lovers, separated by the Bay Bridge, previously published in SOMALit, entitled “Geography.”

I’m West Coast bridge and tunnel. City dates City. Oakland has better parking.

We like the idea of the Bay Area segue and think it might be a regular thing; Paul and I will figure out the details. He’ll treat us with an ode to the East Bay of his own at the November EBOB, which, of course, you should not miss.

I have to say, EBOB has thus far exceeded my hopes and intentions, and Paul and I are so happy that EBOB is helping to showcase East Bay talent, and that it provides the welcome opportunity for readers to stay closer to home. San Francisco has an unbelievable literary scene that will always be a draw; I continue to be awed by the sheer number of consistently high-quality literary events that SF is able to nurture.  We don’t often get visitors to this side of the bridge, so we were thrilled that a few brave souls ventured over to hang with us. And, seriously, how cool is it for we travel-weary East Bay writers to do our thing at a favorite local venue for a few hours on a Saturday night?

EBOB 4 — sometime in November. We are digging the submissions coming in through our new submissions manager, Submishmash, through which you, too, may send us East Bay-born work you’d like us to consider for a future event. Click through via the Submissions link on the left side of this page.

Thank you, readers, The Layover, and the one and only Paul Corman-Roberts: generalissimo of EBOB, gracious cheerleader for all writers, everywhere, and devotee of all things East Bay.

Until November …

The Layover Rocks the East Bay

Congratulations to The Layover, EBOB’s beloved venue, for being named Best New Bar by the East Bay Express!! EBOB wholeheartedly agrees with the acknowledgement: “This place is the real deal.”

Is it on your calendars? EBOB — June 12!

Saturday, June 12, 7-9.

Great East Bay writers, best bar in Oakland. Are you in?!

E-mail Lauren at eastbayonthebrain@yahoo.com for more info.