EBOB at the Beast Crawl

EBOB had a great time at the event last year! Brainy East Bayers and those who love them filled the Layover and spilled out to the sidewalk! This year will be spectacular, as well! With readers:

Carolyn Cooke (author of Daughters of the Revolution, named one of the best books of 2011 by the SF Chronicle and the New Yorker!) We expect great things of her new collection, Amor and Psycho.

Gabe Durham loves the East Bay all the way from Los Angeles. He wrote a book called FUN CAMP that was just released. It is fun, as is Gabe!

Ericka Lutz is author of the novel, Edge of Maybe, and writes stunning non-fiction, short stories and essays. She lives in Oakland.

Matthew Sherling lives in San Francisco, but he lived in the East Bay before and we still claim him as an honorary beast. He runs the interview blog, Cutty Spot, and the lit magazine, Gesture.

Lauren Becker is founder and host of EBOB. She is also founder and editor of Corium Magazine. She likes to found things. She also writes stuff.

The Layover is the best bar in Oakland. Don’t even try to argue. You know it’s true.

Read more about EBOB’s event at the Beast Crawl here: http://beastcrawl.weebly.com/east-bay-on-the-brain.html.

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