the beasts come out

The East Bay has been the baby brother, the runt puppy, the mute stepsister of the Bay Area literary scene. Not really. We have a ton going on, but there’s maybe 20 tons going on in San Francisco. I love it all. Living somewhere that has lit events going on every night. Sometimes more than one. Sometimes more than two. I do. I love it.

On July 7, 2012, the East Bay will be the pushy older brother, the parrot that won’t shut up, the BEAST.

The Beast Crawl will feature 20 reading events at bars, galleries, cafes and other spectacular venues in downtown Oakland.

EBOB is proud to beast it up at the usual haunt, The Layover, in the third (of three) legs of the Crawl. Readers include:

Ben Loory (Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day – Penguin Books)
Peg Alford Pursell (Why There Are Words reading series)
Maw Shein Win (Co-publisher, Stretcher)
Ryan Sloan (The Plagiarists)
Jesus Angel Garcia (badbadbad)
Missy Church (Naked Bulb reading series)

The Beast is out and ready to rumble. You’re gonna need to see this.

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