get your brain to EBOB – April 21

EBOB – Tonight!
April 21
The Layover
1517 Franklin St.
Downtown Oakland

The lineup is a little different from the one on the brain car. We will miss Peg Alford Pursell tonight but she’ll be here next time! For tonight, check this out:

Kyrsten Bean
Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Hollie Hardy
Evan Karp
Ethel Rohan
and Ken Weaver

Not too shabby! Catch a ride. Your brain will smile.

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  • thestifledartist  On April 21, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Reblogged this on Thestifledartist's Blog and commented:
    Just wanted to shout out about this reading tonight, I’ve checked out the line up and it’s going to be a good one!

    I’ll be reading a piece in my typical style: a tale of debauchery and trying to date a “normal” guy, a poetic serenading musician dance teacher, while in and out of sober living houses. It’s funny. And it’s a bar. You can drink if you drink.

    Otherwise, I’ve been down with the sickness, the ill disease going around for those who flew on a plane home from Waikiki. Like Emily Dickinson’s poem:


    For each ecstatic instant
    We must an anguish pay
    In keen and quivering ratio
    To the ecstasy.

    For each beloved hour
    Sharp pittances of years,
    Bitter contested farthings
    And coffers heaped with tears
    –Emily Dickinson

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